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When insisting solution is decanted periodically, and, then, again fill in raw materials and shaken up. Most effectively plants give the flavoring substances at a strength of solvent of 45-50 °. Changing Pereodicheski for the fresh flavoring raw materials, filling in it with the same moonshine, receive infusion of higher concentration. Achieve the same effect by boiling of raw materials in the closed ware with the subsequent insisting or without it. Boiling time thus makes 10-15 minutes.

Air shadow drying. It is applied to herbs, leaves and flowers. Under the influence of sunshine they fade, buret, the amount of active agents decreases. Drying is made in well aired rooms or on attics. It is possible to dry and in the open air, but it is obligatory in a shadow under special canopies of t only in good weather. It is convenient to make drying on gauze hammocks as in this case the raw materials are ventilated evenly from all directions. It is not necessary to dry herbs, doing of them dense bunches and suspending to a room ceiling, because of bad access of air.

Violet color. To filter the moonshine tinted by a carmine through flowers of bedrenets or yarrow. It is possible to add some drops of dense broth of bilberry or a sandal-wood tree to the moonshine tinted by a carmine. And it is simplest - to draw moonshine on sunflower seeds.

In yellow colors paint also as in golden, using bigger or smaller quantity, a saffron, with which it is possible to receive all shades of yellow color Yellow color turns out also when insisting with a melissa, Veronika or mint, and, also, leaves of parsley, a horse-radish or a celery. Sometimes moonshine is overtaken together with a saffron, and the received essence is stored in the dark in densely corked bottle -

The device is simple in production due to application of ready elements, is convenient for use in any conditions. The main shortcoming is need periodically to remove a basin with cooling liquid for removal of moonshine from reception capacity.

It is necessary to dry kidneys carefully, a long time and in the cool room. Cora demands thermal drying, thus it is necessary to watch that pieces ^ bark were not put each other in Avoidance of rotting it from an internal surface. Leaves with thin plates dry unevenly therefore, dry them until scapes do not become fragile. Roots usually dry in thermal dryers with obligatory preliminary crushing and the variable mode - begin drying at a temperature of 35-40 °C, and finish at 50-60 °C.

In figure 7 the constructive scheme of the device similar previous is submitted. In the device the water bath a drop catcher 3 is used and special type of the refrigerator with compulsory water cooling the Flask 2 will prevent in capacity with water 1, creating thereby a water bath. In a flask 2 put ceramics slices that provides uniformity of boiling of home brew.

Zolotisto - gets orange or wild orange color moonshine insisting on a saffron and addition of a small amount of juice from berries of blueberry or bilberry, Some draw moonshine on a wild orange crust, a crust of not ripened orange or walnut partitions.

Brown color. To kindle granulated sugar in a copper basin and to hold on fire until it does not accept absolutely dark color. To part the received weight with hot water or the warmed-up moonshine and to store in the glass densely corked ware.

Berries and fruits dry or in thermal dryers (4-6 hours, or on the sun in good hot weather (3-5 days). Dry berries before emergence of a sticky film on a surface. It is easy to define readiness, having taken them in a handful and having slightly squeezed. If the lump without release of juice is formed, means berries are dried up.

In red color moonshine is painted insisting of dried berries of bilberry. Uses also mix of food karminovy paint and a wine stone (a ratio 6: which are made small to a powdery state and dissolved in hot water. The received solution is filtered and added to moonshine.

If plant and spices to add to home brew, at distillation, aroma turns out weak. For its strengthening it is necessary water which home brew gets divorced, previously to insist on the chosen spetsy. It is possible to make of them broth and to dilute with it home brew.