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First, this system puts the new, quickly growing branches in primary situation. After all ­ the created firm entirely is completed with youth that initially reduces costs in compensation. (It is characteristic that in young branches of the Japanese industry, we will tell in automotive industry, the average level of a salary, as well as average age of the personnel, below, than in similar, but older branches — for example, in shipbuilding.)

For absolute majority of a Japanese to study — means at the same time to earn additionally to itself on life. Distinction can be only that for one "arbayto" — this addition to the help of, and for others — the only source of means of livelihood.

At the enterprises the spirit of a patriarchal community carefully and elaborately. System of a salary and promotion of a so that firmly to cast in the lot the person with firms.

The system of lifelong hiring really is a remnant of a feudal patriarkhalshchina. But as it is paradoxical, the Japanese capital managed to use this system to accelerate a of the industry of the country.

The buffer which assumes blows in a crisis, serve temporary and day, working. This category of workers forms, in Japan as if the lowest caste. Nobody guarantees to these people of employment — them employ and count when necessary. They are not given extra charges for an experience, try not to allow them in labor union. Existence " the second grade" helps administration to support antagonism between regular and non-staff workers.

The system of lifelong hiring compels the Japanese to be reconciled with that throughout the first — twenty years of labor life to it obviously. Thus he is tried to be convinced that the person, say, and requirements has less. But supposedly then, when money will be much more necessary to it, within the last ten-fifteen years of an experience, the salary will exceed it the actual productivity.

The oldest, it is possible to tell, the classical look "" — to be the tutor. Because of an fever demand of news agency them is always. But one, even. If to give them daily, now you do not.

Difficult happens during a time of examinations when for " does not remain to time. Difficult in April and an when, except operating costs, it is necessary to bring a semi-annual tuition fee. However for a who to himself earns a living, is not present worse, than to ache.

The system of lifelong hiring, the practician of a set of force led to that in Japan there is no free labor market in original sense of this word. As classification of working hands happens generally in firms, it is hard for worker to learn, the labor of their qualification is required where exactly. Besides at working class of Japan still very communication by professions.

At the first and quite often only hiring for a the Japanese thinks not so much of a salary, how many of situation and prestige of firm with which it destiny. After all the vital orbit of the person in Japanese conditions first of all by with what point he will begin it.

At Japanese system of hiring speed the is determined by service by education level and a length of service. So the youth after school or after higher education institution appears as if in front of various escalators which move with an unequal and lift on different floors.

The people of one age, age-mates knowing each other from a student's bench, in essence on steps of the career shoulder to shoulder. Having learned when and what educational institution of people where it works, the Japanese easily defines also his present official position, both its salary, and its prospects.

The rank of educational institution predetermines also a corner of ascension of the person on an office ladder, and ­ his personal contact on all other life, that is a social group in which it should rotate. So children of eminent parents prefer, to pass examinations, say, in the Tokyo university, on three-five times, than to go to higher education institution as after it they would appear on the escalator which does not reach to top the at all.