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This idyll proceeded not for long because eventually Romans were bothered by infinite tricks of their governor. As a result of fight the emperor was overthrown and was lost, and the "Gold house" evoking unpleasant reminiscence in his successors is hasty destroyed. But the history "Gold house" on it did not come to an end. As broke it not especially diligently, some parts of the palace escaped and were simply covered with earth and the subsequent garbage. Dug out them again, having incidentally found during earthwork as it is impossible more in time - at the height of Renaissance (15-16 centuries).

Such estate was built. With gardens, glades, the wood, a village and even a mill with a water wheel. In the center of Rome, on hills Palatin and Eskvilin on an enormous ground the imperial estate including except the palace, some parks with arbors and statues, the lake with live swans, vineyards, baths, aqueducts, groups of structures of different function, fountains, pleasure pavilions, a cowshed and a poultry yard was stretched. The furniture of the palace differed in special luxury internally: walls and ceilings of rooms were trimmed by marble of various flowers and are decorated with numerous lists in the fourth style of the Roman painter Fabull. For bigger expressiveness of a list atop were still plentifully covered with gilding, as served as the reason to call the palace in the people "The gold house".

With Augustus's statement and approach after long intra Roman distempers of the full and rich world Rome seized at last upon the real luxury. The tone was set by the emperor who wanted to turn Rome into a certain similarity of Athens of a classical era. That Romans remembered the world more often (so, and about it, the emperor, this world provided), Octavian ordered to construct a special altar of the World on the Field of Mars.

From below it was very inconvenient to consider a spiral relief of a column of Traian, however for this purpose roofs of two libraries adjoining the yard with a column were specially equipped. As well as other relief images, a surface of a column it was painted and in separate details it is covered with gilding that gave it special splendor, once again reminding of boundless Roman wealth.