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Ideas about the esthetic organization of the natural world of all planet are consistently developed in scientific works. Zh. Dorst, P. Dyuvinye and M. Tang worked on this subject'. However their views and positions need critical judgment as some statements look maximal. Estimating ideas of total culturation of the nature, it is necessary to allocate as an objective factor that esthetic influence of the virgin nature cannot be equated to effect of the cultivated environment. The appeal to history of arts testifies that the increasing masters of landscape painting derived inspiration and looked for nature mainly in the nature, an untouched civilization. Therefore even during intensive development of "the second nature", expansion of the sphere of nature creativity as arts the problem of preservation of a pervopriroda is still particularly acute.

The nature which is not touched by a civilization has to remain a reserve which over time when the most part of the globe serves the industrial, esthetic and scientific purposes, will begin to gain the increasing value of a standard, criterion, in particular esthetic, further it is possible emergence and other unknown nowadays of values of these zones. Therefore rational, evidence-based approach to practice of expansion of areas of the virgin nature, reserves especially as in process of development of scientific and technical revolution the volume of negative influences on natural esthetically valuable objects increases so is necessary that the cultural activity directed on compensation of the caused damage sometimes does not cope with the tasks.