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It is necessary to choose tractors of two – three brands since the big raznomarochnost of park complicates THAT, causes the necessity to have a large number of spare parts, and the one-branded structure reduces productivity and increases profitability of operation of units. Tractors on the traction efforts have to correspond to traction resistance of farm vehicles.

Completing of MTA is made by generally already available cars, but at a choice of farm vehicles it is better to choose what provide high quality of work and smaller operational expenses.

Efficiency of mechanization of agricultural production is very great. So, transition from a live tyagl to mechanical draft allowed to increase labor productivity on a plowed land by 9 times, on a boronovaniye, cultivation and crops – by 18 times, on cleaning and a threshing of grain crops – by 44 times. Application of electromilking reduces work costs of 67%, and operational costs of 34%. The mechanized water supply of livestock farms in comparison with the horse and manual reduces work costs of 96% and operational costs – by 90%. Still the bigger effect is gained at complex mechanization of agriculture with application of the electric power.

All works on entering of mineral fertilizers into the soil are performed by the complex of cars consisting of loaders, vehicles and cars for application of fertilizers. Mineral fertilizers come to economy in the packaged look and in bulk. Self-propelled loaders of MVS-3M, tape LT-10 or LT-6 conveyors and clamshell loaders of PMG-0,2 (on condition of well ventilated a warehouse are applied to loading of not packaged fertilizers in vehicles from warehouses and cars. Loading of not packaged fertilizers from the open areas is carried out by loaders of PSh-0,4, PG-0,5D, E-153A, PE-0,8 and D-45 of Fertilizer in bags are loaded by electric lift trucks 4004A and tape KLP-400-5 conveyors, PKS-8