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The second global line of sociohistorical changes which is directly connected with acceleration of public progress are basic changes of the nature of social activities as in material, and spiritual spheres. In the modern world we deal with two opposite tendencies of development of social activities and human life: the first – a depersonalization of the relations, formalization of work and the public relations; the second – resisting to the first, not less strong tendency – increase of a role of a personal factor, intellectual functions of knowledge intensity.

Reflection (from armor. Reflexio – the address of a naz – process of self-knowledge by the subject of internal mental acts and states. The concept a reflection arose in philosophy and meant process of reflection of the individual about the events in his own consciousness.

Fear to seem too extravagant, even aggressive in the rejection and criticism of opinions of other people. In the conditions of our culture the following judgment is quite widespread: to criticize the person – means to be in relation to him ignorant, to show to him disrespect.

To be effective in modern conditions, the system of preparation of pedagogical shots has to change the purposes of pedagogical education, its contents and technologies, being conformed with tendencies which define development of practice of the general education and even to be ahead of him in some sense.

Individual and creative approach – brings to the personal level providing identification and formation at the teacher of creative identity, development in it of innovative consciousness, unique technology of activity.

The third stage – development of technology of innovative activity. Get acquainted with a technique of drawing up the author's program, stages of experimental work at school, participate in creation of the author's program, analyze and predict further development of an innovation, difficulty of introduction.

Necessary component in structure of innovative activity is the reflection as knowledge and the analysis the teacher of the phenomena of own consciousness and activity (a view of own thought and actions from outside).