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The territory of the Western Kazakhstan, having richness of water space in the form of the Urals, Emba Rivers and the Caspian Sea it is quite attractive and favorable to development of a water type of tourism as driving by the boat and pleasure crafts is interesting, attractive also a good way of leisure and rest in free time and it is widely used on any water space. The river gives excellent opportunities for the organization of various tourist routes and programs.

Boundless steppes and deserts of our country are capable to satisfy the biggest expectations and ambitions of sand yachtsmen. At the end of the last century everything went to broad development of plains of Kazakhstan for travel on wheel yachts.

Local tourists recommend to make day transition across the Urals no more than 30 - 40 km. We begin travel in Uralsk. In 1,5 km beyond Uralsk - the Uchuzhny backwater: in this place Cossacks put (patches), partitioning off the river and not allowing red fish to rise above on a current. On 4 km - the mouth of the river Chagan, and on the 10th - Cretaceous hills. Barbastau's river flows into the Urals on the 26th km. Here on the left coast the buoy keeper's post.

In these places our 120-kilometer route lasting 5 - 6 days also lies. It comes to an end with an exit to Shetp Highway - the Fort Shevchenko, to which 70 more km. This distance can be passed on foot or to pass on passing transport.

The Urals are beautiful. Expanse here to fishers and hunters. To 50 breeds of fishes is found in the river, and among them - a sturgeon, a beluga,, a sazan, a catfish, a pike, a pike perch, a starred sturgeon. Black grouses, forest pigeons, turtle-doves, ring-doves, vityutn, partridges live in the wood on coast. It is a lot of also wild beasts - hares, foxes, in a thicket - wolf dens, elks meet.

The international route by bicycles on two republics of Central Asia on which opportunity to get acquainted with deserts of the western Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and also with life of the republics which became independent is represented is presented.

In the conclusion it is possible to tell that, now the tourist movement is developed practically in all areas of the Western Kazakhstan as each of them represents interest for tourists with the most various opportunities.

Sails in the center of continental plains of Kazakhstan? What is it? In the recent past of travel on yachts on open spaces of Kazakhstan happened not so seldom. It is undoubted that the sail floating over the desert or the steppe will become usual or even obligatory accessory of a landscape of the Kazakhstan plain soon. It is natural that it is about the wheel yachts capable to slide on dry land, or otherwise – buyeraka.

Next day visit an oil field of Zhetybay and Uzen. From Aktau to the city New Uzen (160 km) goes the regular bus. Halfway between them Zhetybay is located. In New Uzena it is possible to spend the night. The small group can count on hotel. Acquaintance to the southern part of Mangyshlak comes to an end with survey of an oasis, the new city created in the center of the desert, and oil fields. Further we go to its northern part - to the settlement of Shetp. On passing transport it is necessary to pass about 110 km on absolutely not occupied and waterless area.