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The inner world of the person, his esthetic essence is, perhaps, one of the spheres of life which are least learned by science on Earth. And for this reason it is almost impossible to give accurate definition to the highest human feelings one of which is the love. Complexity and importance of love are caused by that in it merge in a single whole both physical and spiritual, individual and social, personal and universal, clear and inexplicable. There is no such developed society, and there is no such person who would not be familiar with love. Moreover, without love the moral shape of the person cannot be formed, there is no normal development. It can be developed in different degree, but it cannot but be.

From this understanding of Space there was also a cast in marriage where the woman was not object of love, but means of a child-bearing. And even in the educated Athens the woman was excluded from public life and culture. Men looked for societies of men, and was considered that the love between males has the highest spiritual aspect which is not present in love between the man and the woman.

m aspect approve most of philosophers of Modern times in the creativity, without repeating in the arguments neither ancient, nor each other, they find in it all new and new lines, investigate shades of human passion, one, going deep in particular, others - generalizing.

The similar ideology found especially bright expression in the French society which in the last decades before revolution differed in the thoughtless and frivolous attitude towards this feeling. Love in court and aristocratic circles turned into sophisticated art of flirtation, callous and heartless. The love and fidelity became something old-fashioned, they were replaced by fleeting hobby. The love of an eyelid of rococo is not love any more, and it is rather an imitation it. And no wonder that Lametri does not find a basic difference between an animal instinct of copulation and human feeling, and even Denis Diderot, understanding this difference, arguing on love, constantly emphasizes its its esthetic and physiological conditionality.

It is rather often possible to meet the statement that in the Ancient world of love was not, and this phenomenon arose only the Middle Ages as the love is an intimate, personal experience to which the consciousness of people during that era did not grow yet. However it is a hypothesis cannot form the basis for a complete negation of love between the man and the woman in the period of Antiquity.

The Gegelevsky understanding of love cannot be treated unambiguously because with age his outlook considerably changes. Mature works of the philosopher represent the most complete and rational ideas of the world, the person and his soul.

The modern times brought new tendencies in development of philosophy in general. In heritage of thinkers of the XVII-XIX centuries the universal, humanistic contents is most important than it. Love as I am eager for integrity (though not only in it

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel resolutely rejects any mysticism in love. In its understanding, the Subject looks for self-affirmation and immortality in love, and approach to these purposes is possible only when the Object of love is worthy the Subject on the internal force and opportunities and is equal to it. Only then the love finds vital power, becomes manifestation of life: on the one hand, the love seeks for mastering and domination, but overcoming contrast subjective and objective, towers to the infinite.

Kemper, for example, of the theory about possible types of love takes two independent factors as a principle: the power (ability force to induce the partner to do that you want) and the status (ability to cause desire of other person to move towards your requirements). And in connection with the level of manifestation of this or that quality the philosopher allocates seven types of love:

(as spiritual, and physically relations between the man and woman, as the most characteristic manifestation of this feeling. Many philosophers throughout all history of existence of human thought tried to open an essence and the importance of these relations: since antiquity and to this day. However any era could not give a complete definition of concept of love, slightly opening only separate sides of this phenomenon of human soul.