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Basic guidelines for level c2

For a task of number of impulses in a pack and parcels of a necessary pack in the studied knot are used four buttons with fixing "20" ¸ "23" and two buttons without fixing "Start-up" and "Ustan. About", located on the panel of the laboratory stand under an inscription "Programmatuor XI".

To investigate work of an exit "³15" CT2 counters, having connected KPI1 on the first canal of the switchboard, and KPI8 not the second channel of the switchboard according to "the item ¸ thus the CT10 counter it is necessary to disconnect pressing of the SA1 button

Registers and counters belong to the category of digital devices and are one of the most widespread elements of computer facilities. They are widely used for creation of the input equipment, a conclusion and storage of information, and also for performance of some arithmetic and logical operations.