Ultimate Motivation To Plan

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The important indicator characterizing a condition of container park from the point of view of its readiness for performance of functional processes of delivery of economic products is the availability quotient of park of Kgot. (T)

Kpl.R — the planned coefficient of additional work which is the relation planned, taking into account a necessary set of additional operations of delivery, volume of the moved product to the planned physical volume of the product delivered to the end user:

Standard size of containers the indicator in terms of money gives the numerical characteristic of set of all. It is defined by total costs of acquisition and maintenance of technical readiness of all set of the means of a konteynerization making container park.

For ensuring economic reliability of functional processes of container system the product and empty containers have to be delivered to consumers with the smallest general expenses material and a manpower. For the characteristic of this requirement we will enter indicators:

For the purpose of the characteristic of the plan and degree of security with the container deliveries of a product of everyone consuming a product, the Swarm of a subsystem of the served system, indicators are also defined as the sum according to planned and the actual Qp (T) of the volumes of a product subjected to a konteynerization for each subsystem.

the inventory park of containers including all set of means of a konteynerization, including, being in work at various stages of process of delivery of a product and return of empty containers, and also in a reserve, repair and maintenance;

Comparison of Kf and Kpl. will allow to characterize degree of organization of container system from the point of view of compliance of the actual set of technological operations of the delivery of the necessary planned repeatability of operations caused by economic communications and following from them technology of material streams. For this purpose the relative indicator of k (T) characterizing in percentage terms the actual excessive volume of work of container system is defined

According to parameters of logistic container system there can be a need to define and analyze not only time of a complete revolution of the container, but also time of their stay at various stages and in various subsystems of the served system, for example, at senders, in intermediate points of delivery of loaded and empty containers, in the course of transportation and consumption.

The main productive exponent of use of container park is productivity of the Ave. of means of a konteynerization determined as the relation of total volume of the freight delivered by the container for planning period to all consumers to the size of planning period.

Definition and comparison of indicators Kpl.R and Kf.R for various stages of delivery, for system in general and at the necessary temporary moments, creates the corresponding prerequisites for identification of the considered indignations of the served and container system, and also for taking measures to their prevention in the long term.

Taking into account that chances when, expenses material and a manpower on functioning of container system can exceed according to Zpl (T) and Zf (T). Thus specific planned and actual indicators of material inputs and a manpower are defined on unit of work of container system:

The indicators supplementing an availability quotient of park and characterizing its state are the total volume of a product moved for planning period of time and total distance of transportation of loaded containers.

Indicators of structure of container park are presented in natural or monetary value specific the weight of each standard size of means of a konteynerization and packing. Thus specific weight can be represented in percentage.

Under structure of container park as it was stated above, the certain set of means of a konteynerization and packing intended for delivery of products of various nomenclature in the corresponding production and transport and warehouse processes is considered.