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The third task — to make active institutional prerequisites of economic growth. It is necessary to formation of the large corporations capable to assume the main weight of sanitation of production and restructuring ­ the capital.

At the same time economic results of reforms on liberally - monetaristic model were in general negative, and in some respects and catastrophic: unknown decline in production, sharp decrease in the real income of overwhelming part of the population, controllability loss by economy and social processes.

Besides, if along with privatization and privatization conditions for the free intra-branch and interindustry competition, a modulation of resources between branches and regions are not created, a market mechanism it will not turn out. Simply one form of monopoly will replace another. It is possible to formulate three requirements to effective market reform:

The sixth direction — ensuring external solvency of the country. With guarantee to solvency of the country and to have possibility of building of reserves (without resorting to measures in currency and spheres) in the next, it is necessary to have active balance of trade balance on goods and services at the level of not less than 15-20 billion US dollars at reduction of export of the capital at least twice.

Really to pass to the market, it is necessary to solve two interconnected groups of tasks. The first group ­ is connected with formation of equilibrium economy because the market — it is always a certain balance, there is a system of the public relations in which the offer of goods counterbalances demand for them. By the way, for the previous planned system of economy ­ the centralized distribution of production resources and products is characteristic that usually resulted in their deficiency, i.e. a.

At this stage inevitably some decrease in rates of economic growth. Become the main tasks: growth in the conditions of toughening of restrictions and transfer of the center of gravity from investments on consumption.